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The law firm with the right model, and lawyers with the right skills, to help your business. We’re seasoned, accomplished lawyers, and we’ve embraced a different model. We provide sophisticated legal advice in a wide range of practice areas, but our overhead is low, our staffing lean, our fees flexible and value-driven. We’ve invested in top-tier technology, not in expensive offices. It’s a new model, but only up to a point. The most important part—solid, savvy lawyering—is strictly traditional. You can expect, in other words, more of what you need—and less of what you don’t need—in both your lawyer and your law firm.

Case Study: Worldwide Protection With Local Service

Mike Lee was leading the life of a typical entrepreneur. He had bootstrapped his company MyFitnessPal, LLC and created My Fitness Pal, one of the most successful apps in the healthcare space. Being able to forego outside investment meant that he had largely bypassed the big firm legal experience. Now his company was expanding and he was planning to release his app worldwide. He was looking for solid advice about protection of...Read More »