Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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VLP’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution practice group has decades of experience managing, resolving and trying complex claims. With deep experience managing our clients’ most significant disputes, we approach every matter with an eye towards technical and technological efficiency, lean staffing and our client’s core strategic business objectives. We are experienced businesspeople ourselves and bring that perspective to bear on the resolution of any dispute.

Our lawyers have represented a range of clients from public companies to closely held businesses to individuals in a variety of industries. Our clients have trusted us to handle their most significant disputes in federal and state courts, before various arbitral and nonjudicial tribunals and in a wide range of mediation venues.

VLP’s Dispute Resolution Group is comprised of trained mediators and arbitrators, prepared to act as neutrals to provide alternative resolution services to efficiently and cost effectively resolve matters. With in-depth knowledge of banking, construction, consumer services, commercial real estate, financial services, legal services and technology, VLP’s neutrals can accurately assess the issues for the parties and facilitate settling the dispute.