Mike Lee was leading the life of a typical entrepreneur. He had bootstrapped his company MyFitnessPal, LLC (now part of Under Armor) and created My Fitness Pal, one of the most successful apps in the healthcare space. Being able to forego outside investment meant that he had largely bypassed the big firm legal experience. Now his company was expanding and he was planning to release his app worldwide. He was looking for solid advice about protection of his brand on a budget he could afford.

VLP attorneys Brian Davis (Trademark) and David Goldenberg (Corporate/Emerging Growth) helped MyFitnessPal navigate the complex world of international trademarks. Leveraging its partners and experience with global brands, VLP was able to create a global trademark strategy for the company.

The Outcome: Mike was able to obtain trademark protection in foreign countries as he launched the international version of his app, at prices which were a fraction of those offered by global law firms.

“Brian provided us with timely, efficient counsel at every step of the way. He was able to spell out my options in language I could understand and helped us navigate the complex world of international trademark protection. I would not hesitate to recommend VLP’s trademark practice to any company looking for first rate legal services.”

— Mike Lee, Founder, MyFitnessPal, LLC