When Southern California Edison Company (SCE) was awarded over $50 million in grant funds from the U.S. Department of Energy, they knew they would need additional legal support to ensure compliance with new and different federal grant terms. Recognizing that the grants had a finite term, SCE was cautious about hiring an internal specialist, but there also was no room in the grants’ budget for high-priced outside counsel.

VLP provided the optimal solution. VLP attorney Lisa Stone, Chair of our firm’s Energy, Natural Resources and Environmental Practice Group, worked with SCE to provide comprehensive legal and compliance support at a predictable fixed monthly rate. Lisa quickly established herself as an integral part of the business and legal teams and took lead responsibility for managing all contractual and federal regulatory elements of the projects.

The Outcome: Several years later, SCE’s relationship with Lisa has grown and she now provides legal and compliance support to several additional projects involving local, state and federal entities that receive federal financial assistance.