Silicon Valley Data Science started with the idea that bringing top-notch consulting skills together with core competencies in both data analysis and data engineering at enterprise scale would be a successful services business. SVDS began taking on data analysis projects for other valley companies and, around the time they brought on their first CFO, they engaged VLP to assist with their customer agreements.

Because every client’s data needs are unique, SVDS adopted the deep consulting model, believing that would be the best way to serve those individual needs. Unlike typical consulting firms, SVDS also adopted the agile development model, which relies on rapid prototyping and iteration, as well as close interaction with the client to develop tailored solutions more quickly and efficiently than with traditional development. Because Agile is more common in startup-scale software companies than large-scale enterprises, this methodology required some explaining at the business level—and often work at the legal level, too.

From the beginning, SVDS relied on VLP founding partner David Goldenberg to assist them. From the early days, David was able to provide quick, efficient service on their customer agreements. As he worked on multiple transactions, he learned their operating style and became familiar with the issues that were important to the company.

As the company grew, SVDS started landing larger customers, eventually focusing on Fortune-100 global consumer brands. Contracting with large companies of that scale often means navigating more complex contracts with less flexibility on terms. Over the years, David has been able to help SVDS successfully negotiate customer agreements with some of the world’s largest companies in an efficient manner, all the while helping SVDS achieve the commercial terms that were important to them.

“David has been a tremendous asset to SVDS. As soon as we have gotten to the contracting stage with a customer, I know that I will be able to rely on David and VLP to close the deal. We work closely with VLP on all of our major engagements and not only feel we have gotten excellent service, but a great value. I know that no matter the issue, he is able to handle it and would not hesitate to recommend VLP for the simple or complex commercial agreement needs of any company.”

–Sanjay Mathur, founder and CEO, Silicon Valley Data Science