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VLP Partner Michael Whitener Interviewed by Inside Counsel in the Article “Will Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize Cybersecurity?”

Posted on Jun 27, 2016 in News by Michael L. Whitener

Recent advancements in processing power could allow computers to outperform humans when it comes to many aspects of defending networks. VLP Partner Michael Whitener sat down with InsideCounsel to discuss this topic in depth for the article, “Will Artificial Intelligence Revolutionize Cybersecurity?”

The article reported that criminal hackers are becoming more effective at breaking into computer systems. Cybersecurity researchers, government agencies, and academics are looking to artificial intelligence to detect and fight cyberattacks.

Michael said, “Reliance on current security monitoring tools (anti-virus software, firewalls, encryption, secure protocols, etc.) is proving to be ineffective. The only hope is ‘intelligent’ IT systems that not only react instantly in real time to cyber threats, but are constantly learning about new threats on the horizon and how to detect and respond immediately to them.”

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