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VLP Partner Melissa Krasnow Quoted in Bloomberg Law Article “Becerra Would Depart California as State Ups Privacy Policing”

Posted on Dec 8, 2020 in Privacy, News by Melissa Krasnow

VLP Partner Melissa Krasnow was quoted in the Bloomberg Law article titled “Becerra Would Depart California as State Ups Privacy Policing”.

The article discusses the impact of California attorney general Xavier Becerra’s selection as potential Health and Human Services secretary, particularly in light of the California Consumer Privacy Act and the California Privacy Rights Act.

Regarding the California Consumer Privacy Act, “Becerra has sent out letters to businesses that allegedly aren’t complying with the law…” Krasnow said.

The new California Privacy Protection Agency established under the California Privacy Rights Act assumes rulemaking authority under state privacy law from the attorney general’s office in July 2021 or within six months of the agency giving the attorney general notice that it is ready to assume rulemaking responsibilities.

“A lot has to happen during unprecedented times and circumstances,” said Ms. Krasnow.

According to Ms. Krasnow said: “Whether health privacy will remain a priority or whether a new focus area will emerge—such as children’s data—depends on whom Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) picks as Becerra’s replacement should he be confirmed.”

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