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VLP Partner Edward Kwok Participates in a Virtual Roundtable with IPWatchdog about “The Patent Litigation Landscape in the Wake of TC Heartland & Cray”

Posted on Oct 17, 2017 in News by Edward C. Kwok

VLP Intellectual Property Partner Edward Kwok participated in a virtual roundtable discussion with three other leading patent attorneys for IPWatchdog.

In the article “The Patent Litigation Landscape in the Wake of TC Heartland & Cray,” IPWatchdog reported that many in the intellectual property community are speculating about important recent patent venue decisions that will change the patent litigation landscape.

The article noted that some predicted that California, particularly the Northern District, would see an influx of patent cases that would normally have otherwise been filed in the Eastern District of Texas. 

In the virtual roundtable, the attorneys discussed what they think the impact of these decisions will be and what patent litigators who might not be familiar with the Northern District of California need to know.

Mr. Kwok, who is based in Northern California, said, “Besides the place of incorporation, its head-quarters, a corporation is likely to have many other places where it maintains a “regular and established place of business.” 

“This is especially true with large companies,” he added. “In my experience, proper venue that can be found in the Northern District will likely also be found in the Central District – which covers Orange County and Los Angeles, or the Southern District (San Diego). They’re simply large markets that companies can’t avoid investing services to support.”

Mr. Kwok also noted, “Outside of California, many large metropolitan areas offer a lot of choices too.  Seattle, Boston, the Southern District of New York, and the Eastern District of Virginia come to mind.”

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