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VLP Law Group LLP Presents a Free Webinar: Internet Road Construction: Where is WHOIS and What is the Risk of Detour from new gTLDs

Posted on Sep 15, 2016 in Events by VLP Law Group

On September 15, 2016, VLP Law Group LLP presented a free webinar titled, “Internet Road Construction: Where is WHOIS and What is the Risk of Detour from new gTLDs.” The Internet, like the universe, is expanding. Recent gravitational changes in control and governance, the black hole of WHOIS (a search query used to find information about a domain name), now transitioning to a new name with registrants using non-Latin characters, and an ever growing galaxy of new gTLDs (generic top-level domains). Some gTLDs are visible only in non-latin characters most US bound businesses can’t read. These cosmic anomalies present new challenges in brand protection. Both large and small businesses all have reputations for their goods and services they do not want hijacked, blemished or infringed.

In this webinar, presenter Scott Austin, a partner in the Intellectual Property Group, examined the protection of trademarks against the evolving Internet landscape and provide a vocabulary lesson on words and acronyms like IANA, RDAP, TMCH, CC, IRD and those countries to be especially concerned with infringing your marks or web site content.

This webinar was intended for business and legal professionals who play a role in the development, management, or protection of intellectual property.

Click here to view a recording of the webinar.

This webinar is not intended to provide specific legal advice or to establish an attorney-client relationship.