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VLP Partner Melissa Krasnow Quoted in the Bloomberg Law Article “X Plans for AI on Collision Course With Latest US Privacy Laws”

Posted on Sep 5, 2023 in Privacy, News by Melissa Krasnow

VLP Partner Melissa Krasnow was quoted in the Bloomberg Law Article “X Plans for AI on Collision Course With Latest US Privacy Laws.”

This article discusses an update by X Corp., formerly known as Twitter, to its privacy policy.

X may combine public information with data collected from users to train machine learning and AI models, according to the update effective Sept. 29. The company also introduced new categories of information it plans to collect about some users, including biometrics and employment history.

Ms. Krasnow said that the privacy policy updates could be “sort of a practice disclosure point” as X observes other companies putting up similar notices. The question is whether X will apply the same “highest watermark” privacy standard to everyone or parse state-level requirements by an individual’s location. “I think you’re going to continue to see scrutiny of other companies’ statements to this effect as they update their privacy policy and/or terms.”

According to Ms. Krasnow: “Is this going to attract plaintiffs’ class action attorneys?” Krasnow asked. “In other words, if they don’t do things according to the way they say in the privacy policy—like if they collected [biometric information] and it’s without consent—does this open them up to more risk of being sued, potentially of enforcement actions?”

All previous Twitter privacy policies archived before Elon Musk acquired the company last year are currently unavailable online—each version link leads to a page reading “nothing to see here.”

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