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VLP Partner Melissa Krasnow Quoted in Bloomberg Law Article “Kaseya Hack Pushes Companies to Deepen Attorney, IT Relationship”

Posted on Jul 9, 2021 in Privacy, News by Melissa Krasnow

VLP Partner Melissa Krasnow was quoted in the Bloomberg Law article titled “Kaseya Hack Pushes Companies to Deepen Attorney, IT Relationship.”

This article describes how numerous ransomware attacks and supply chain disruptions are compelling outside and in-house counsel to work more closely with information technology departments to bolster security and minimize legal risks.

According to Ms. Krasnow: “Communication among IT departments, in-house counsel, and outside law firms is key for developing security programs and data compliance programs, but a strong relationship is perhaps even more crucial for when an incident begins to unfold.”

Ms. Krasnow said that IT and legal departments should work hand in glove to make sure everything is up to date and people should have a roadmap of what to do in the event of a ransomware hack, including having conducted tabletop exercises to simulate attacks. These simulations are important because they give a company an idea of any gaps it might have and lawyers should also work closely with IT department teams to address holes and implement new security procedures after the simulated exercises.

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