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VLP Founding Partner David Goldenberg Presents a Webinar for Clear Law Institute: “Recruiting Talent by M&A Acqui-Hire Transactions”

Posted on Jan 15, 2016 in Events by David Goldenberg

VLP Founding Partner David Goldenberg presented a webinar on January 15, 2016 for the Clear Law Institute, an online continuing educations website. The webinar, entitled “Recruiting Talent by M&A Acqui-Hire Transactions,” focused on the use of M&A transactions as a hiring tool.

Companies often face a highly competitive market for a limited pool of talent. Increasingly, companies are foregoing traditional employment offers and instead using an M&A transaction to hire its core team of employees. The webinar gave step-by-step guidance on the acqui-hire transaction and the benefits and risks of using this new recruitment tool, including:

  • What the acqui-hire transaction is
  • The benefits and risks of using acqui-hire transactions
  • Fiduciary issues and hiring process challenges

This webinar will be available for viewing on a computer, tablet, or smartphone until July 15, 2016. Visit the Clear Law Institute website to access the recording.