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VLP Partners David Goldenberg and Conrad Everhard Co-Author the article, “Prep Work Is Key for Companies Courting Buyers” for The National Law Journal

Posted on Nov 3, 2014 in News by David Goldenberg

VLP founding partner David Goldenberg and partner Conrad Everhard, members of the Firm’s Corporate Practice Group, co-wrote an article for The National Law Journal titled, “Prep Work Is Key for Companies Courting Buyers.”

The article reported that mergers and acquisitions have made headlines this year as large corporations and private equity firms utilize record amounts of cash. Companies of all kinds — private, public or institutionally held — are looking for ways to quickly enter new markets or acquire key positions in strategic areas. Attorneys representing companies that are considering being acquired should make sure their clients are ready so that they can capitalize on an offer when the time comes. Planning the exit properly can help smooth the transition and may increase the value of the business remarkably.

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