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VLP Partner David Goldenberg Quoted in Of Counsel Article “Despite Strenuous Hours, Deadlines, and Demands, Many Lawyers Find Happiness”

Posted on Nov 3, 2017 in News by David Goldenberg

VLP Founding Partner David Goldenberg spoke with Of Counsel: The Legal Practice and Management Report about lawyer job satisfaction for the article “Despite Strenuous Hours, Deadlines, and Demands, Many Lawyers Find Happiness.”

The article cited recent surveys that reported 70 percent of the American workforce hates or at least dislikes their jobs, noting that the legal profession is no exception. The high-pressure environment of traditional law firms, including notoriously long hours, can lead to job dissatisfaction, stress related health issues and burn out, the article noted.

The article reported that VLP broke the mold of the traditional law firm model when it was founded 10 years ago with flex-schedules, effective management practices and virtual offices.

“Because we have a low overhead model, we’re able to offer a lot more flexibility in terms of hours,” Mr. Goldenberg said. “While we serve sophisticated clients who have important deadlines that we have to meet—and we still have to pull late-nights sometimes—there’s no one here saying you’ve got to make your 2,100 hours or we’re cutting you from the partnership. With no one looking over your shoulder or breathing down your neck to make hour-requirements, it’s easier to find happiness,” he added.

The article also noted that VLP tolerates, and in fact, encourages a variety of individual aspirations, without raising judgmental eyebrows toward one another. Mr. Goldenberg explained, “While the firm has overall goals, the individual partners are largely in control of their own destiny in terms of where their practice goes and what they’re trying to achieve.”

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