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VLP Founding Partner David Goldenberg Speaks to Inside Counsel About “Why More Lawyers Are Working Remotely in 2017 Than Ever Before”

Posted on Aug 4, 2017 in News by David Goldenberg

VLP Founding Partner David Goldenberg sat down with Inside Counsel Magazine to discuss how working remotely has impacted lawyers. The article, “Why More Lawyers Are Working Remotely in 2017 Than Ever Before,” noted that billable hour quotas and a competitive global market for legal services have driven law firms and lawyers into overdrive. With pressure to do more with less, more and more employees are being asked to sacrifice their personal lives to work harder.

The article reported that many law firms are finding it necessary to institute new workplace policies, such as flex-time, telecommuting, part-time work, and other alternative work arrangements.

Mr. Goldenberg said: “While many firms are now offering flexible policies, we’ve always believed that to attract and retain the best talent you need to be flexible and offer a work/life balance. Technology is now allowing service providers of all kinds to work remotely. More and more lawyers are finding that they can service their clients effectively and achieve a better work/life balance working this way.” He added, “As technology improves there is no reason why lawyers working remotely cannot provide the same services as any full-service law firm.”

Mr. Goldenberg noted that, for certain practices that require collaboration or where group meetings are necessary, such as litigation, having an entirely remote group might not work. But, with new technology, other practices, such as corporate, intellectual property, real estate, and other business to business transactions can operate very well remotely.

While there are many pros and cons to this increase in remote working in law, Mr. Goldenberg went on to say that a better work/life balance makes for a happier lawyer. There is less burn out and not as much stress from commuting to and being in an office environment all the time.

“Like in any industry, we have people who are parents or taking care of elderly parents who want to be involved in their lives, as well as have successful careers. Our work model allows them to be successful in both roles,” he explained. “Plus, you can’t beat the dress code!”

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