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Do Lawyers Need Offices Anymore?

Posted on Dec 18, 2015 in Blog by David Goldenberg

VLP Law Group was recently highlighted in the Atlantic article, “Do Lawyers Need Offices Anymore?” published on October 9, 2015.  The article discusses the many benefits of virtual law firms and working remotely.

VLP Law Group was one of the first firms to successfully execute the virtual law model. While it is still a relatively young firm with about 50 attorneys, VLP has been able to continually grow its business, completely on a distributed model.  The Firm’s clients cover a broad range of industries and include everything from startups to Fortune 500 companies – some of them even Fortune 10 companies.

Since VLP’s launch over seven years ago, the model has gained broader acceptance, and other firms have adopted the virtual model.  Virtual firms are able to provide legal services on the level of a traditional firm without the significant overhead associated with office space.  In addition, it frees attorneys up to allow them to work from anywhere – allowing the attorney to better service the client and increasing attorney satisfaction.

The article does note that the lack of face to face interaction can be a downside to working remotely, but VLP has adopted processes and practices to address these issues, and has succeeded in creating a strong firm culture.

The virtual model can be a very attractive alternative for attorneys seeking more flexibility, as well as for clients seeking the same quality work as a traditional firm, but at a more affordable rate. VLP has proven this virtual model works in the legal world and can be sustained long-term.

To read the full Atlantic article, Click Here.

David Goldenberg is a corporate and transactional attorney in Silicon Valley.  David’s practice covers a range of clients, many of which are growth-oriented technology companies. He generally counsels companies throughout their lifecycle and helps them with a variety of contractual and corporate matters. He also counsels executives on employment matters. David works with company founders and investors on preferred stock, common stock, convertible debt, secured loan, up-round, down-round, bridge, warrants and other types of financings, and has worked on multiple mergers at all size levels, from $6 million to $1.9 billion, as well as licensing, strategic partner and IPO transactions. He has also advised publicly traded companies in mergers and acquisitions, financing, corporate governance, stock option and executive compensation.

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